What Others Are Saying


Neil Cavuto, Sr. Vice President and Anchor, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network:

"Jason Altmire was a throwback to our better angels -- to a time when a brave few in each party dared to talk to the other party. Thing is, this former Pennsylvania Democratic Congresman was doing this, or trying to, just a few years ago. This isn't ancient history. The cooperation ingrained in doing the people's work is our history. Whatever your thoughts on how we got so divisive, hear from a guy who was working the front lines, simply imploring his colleagues to just get something done." 

Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal:

"Congressman Jason Altmire was one of the most thoughtful, pragmatic voices in the House when he served, so it's not surprising that he's tackling the subject of rampant polarization with refreshing candor and independent insights in his first book. Most importantly, he offers solutions to help break the excessive partisanship that has poisoned our country's politics. This book couldn't have come at a better time." 

Bob Cusack, Editor in Chief at The Hill newspaper:

Jason Altmire has written an insightful book on how Washington has become more polarized and dysfunctional. He highlights the reasons why centrists in both parties have disappeared and why compromise is regarded as a four-letter word by factions on both the left and the right. Whether you're a political junkie or someone who just wants to know how and why our political system has changed in recent years, you should read this book.

Jonathan Allen, New York Times bestselling author and NBC National Political Reporter:

"Altmire brings a unique mix of academic rigor and personal experience to analyzing the underlying causes of our nation's deep political polarization. With the critical eye of a political scientist and using fresh behind-the-scenes anecdotes from his time in Congress, he lays waste to common myths as certainly as he lays out his vision for healing the ills that plague our body politic. Anyone interested in why Washington is failing to meet the needs of voters - and how that can change - should read this book."


Bob Graham (D), former U.S. Senator and Governor of Florida

If you are looking for a silver bullet to awaken Americans from their malaise, you are on a fool's errand. But if you absorb Jason Altmire's wisdom in Dead Center, you will be on the path to understanding why America is going through its current crisis of civic disengagement and what can be done to reawaken our traditional civic spirit. As Dead Center describes from the experience of a smart politician and the analysis of respected scholars, the solutions to our civic illness are as complex as its causes. Aptly titled, Dead Center is the nutritiously balanced recipe for civic recovery, from civics education to reducing the influence of money in politics to encouraging timorous citizens to become active participants -- maybe even candidates -- for public and civic leadership.

Mark Schweiker (R), 44th Governor of Pennsylvania

"If you believe we need practical and common sense solutions to the ruinous gridlock which afflicts every level of government, then Jason Altmire's book is a must-read. Full of interesting anecdotes and feasible ideas for forming a more perfect union, Dead Center is required reading for anyone interested in learning how we can bridge the divide. Pragmatic leaders -- young and old -- should advance these concepts so critical to the well-being of our citizens and their American democracy."

Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), former Member of Congress

"America can only be great when Americans are united in common purpose. Today, the realization of what we're capable of achieving seems farther away than ever. Jason Altmire and I entered Congress together, became friends, and frequently found ourselves together in the middle, literally, of legislative debates. He was also one of a number of leaders in Congress who selflessly worked to support my work as a Member of Congress while I focused on my recovery from the gunshot wound that changed my life. For those who know we can do better in this country, this is an important book."